We need your help to suggest persons who would be gifted to serve as Council Vice-Chair, Gift Enablement Team Chair, Assistant Treasurer, and Governance/Polity team member.

Please return by May 29, 2022.

Council Vice-Chair

Job Description: Vice-Chair participates in regular meetings of Church Council and will become Chair after their term. Council oversees SMC’s vision, values, and purpose; administrative policies; maintenance; and finance. Term is two years as Vice-Chair, followed by two years as Chair.

Gift Enablement Team Chair

Job Description: Chair of G.E.T. oversees the Gift Enablement Team which is responsible for discerning gifts and talents of SMC’s congregation to assist in our variety of ministries. Term is three years.

Assistant Treasurer

Job Description: Assistant Treasurer will work alongside the Treasurer to learn all the finance processes of SMC. Term is three years.

Governance/Polity Team Member-at-Large

Job Description: Governance/Polity Team Member will serve on a team that evaluates and recommends updated leadership structure and decision-making. Term ends with the completion of the team’s work.

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