Women’s Regional Gathering
Saturday, November 3, 2018, 9:00 am – 12:00 noon 


Time for Christian inspiration… opportunities for new friendships and helpful resources!

Everyone welcome – Women of all ages!

No adult pre-registration

Childcare, $5 per child.
Call 717-656-7878 by November 1

Elevator service available

Unique features: 10 different workshops by
15 Anabaptist/Christians of 12 regional churches

Women of all ages are welcome!

Schedule for the day

9:00 am Group Gathering: Songs, Announcements, Offering
9:20 am TEN Workshops. Choose one.
10:30 am TEN Workshops Repeated. Choose one.
11:30 am Fellowship & Light Refreshments

Special Space: 5 Private Prayer Rooms
Gather with 2-3. Jesus said: “I am in the midst of these”

12:00 noon Adjournment

Please share your evaluation or snail mail it

Next – Consider sharing lunch with new friends at your home or at a nearby eating site

Planning Team: Jill Herr, Nancy Leaman, Cathy Mentzer,
Yvonne Nyce, Joanne Siegrist, Kinley Zook


1. God Speaks: Artistic Ways & Encouraging Children

Work by Liz Hess with Marcy High, Mellinger Mennonite and Marcy High, Neffsville Mennonite
Hear early influences towards Liz’s artistic development
Learn ways for encouraging the gifts God has given to children.

2. Golden Year Opportunities… Globally and Locally

by Jewel Showalter, West End Mennonite
Travel by Power Point to see/hear of God’s work around the world.
Hear recent experiences to inspire new exchanges.

3. Deafness in a Hearing World (Provided: Sign Language Interpreter)

by Nancy Marshal and friends of Witmer Heights
Have your ever wondered what it is like to be deaf? Three deaf women will share
their stories about accessibility, family life and communicating cross culturally.

4. Sacred Journey: Journaling for Healing & Hope

by Deborah Munstermann, Cross Roads Mennonite
Travel in time to South Africa as journaling helped those caught in sex trade
Practice creative writing/drawing for new expressions

5. Widowhood/Singlehood… Surviving & Thriving

by Sandra Erb of Stumptown and Sylvia Trupe of Martindale 
Challenges for younger and older women:
Adjusting and living as a widow and/or single adult

6. Nazareth, Israel: Experiencing Three Different Cultures

by Nancy Rudy Martin, East Chestnut Street Mennonite and Loice Byler
Learn ways to celebrate separate unique cultures and ways to integrate
different ethnic groups in the middle east and in Lancaster PA


by Rosene Ressler, Weaverland Anabaptist Faith Community

8. Fear Factor

by Renee Groff, Lifeway of Lebanon PA
Ever wonder how your life would be different if fear were not a factor? Be encouraged
that God has made a way for us to live a life of peace in spite of our circumstances.
Through stories/scriptures learn how your reality can line up with your theology

9. Leaning In: Our Father’s Heartbeat in Changing Season

by Sharon Hess, East Petersburg Mennonite
Adventures with the Holy Spirit and experiencing a full life:
From empty nest to passing on the baton!

10. Spiritual Formation Guided by Mennonite Perspective

by Jena Bare, Bossler Mennonite
Hear a Millennial’s journey influenced by four different Mennonite institutions.
Be encouraged to explore your own journey and consider how corporate worship
sparks growth in a personal relationship with Christ.

Looking Ahead: 4th Annual Gathering
Saturday, November 2, 2019