Women’s Regional Gathering
Saturday, November 2, 2019, 9:00 am – 12:00 noon 


Time for Christian inspiration… opportunities for new friendships and helpful resources!

Everyone welcome – Women of all ages!

No adult pre-registration

Childcare, $5 per home.
Call 717-656-7878 by October 27

Elevator service available

Earlier workshop between 2016 – 2018

Unique features: 10 different workshops
by 15 Anabaptist/Christians of
12 regional churches







Schedule for the day

9:00 am Group Gathering: Songs, Announcements, Offering
9:20 am TEN Workshops. Choose one.
10:30 am TEN Workshops Repeated. Choose one.
11:30 am Fellowship & Light Refreshments

Special Space: 5 Private Prayer Rooms
Jesus said: “I am in the midst of these”

12:00 noon Adjournment
    Please share your evaluation or snail mail it

Next – Consider sharing lunch with new friends
at your home or at a nearby eating site

Planning Team: Brenda Bare, Karen Fretz, Jill Herr, Nancy Leaman, Cathy Mentzer, Yvonne Nyce, Joanne Siegrist


1. Green Friendly With Food, Clothing, Furnishings, Entertainment

Promoting responsible skills and better ways within our communities by Ashley Armer of Stumptown Mennonite

2. Building Communities That Live Mission

Earlier workshop between 2016- 2018

Colorful signs stand in yards to signify a welcome and speak God’s love in several languages. What does it mean to be transformed with our communities? Look at living the Jesus way as whole communities experiencing change together by Kaylene Derksen of Sunnyside Mennonite and Becky Hess of Neffsville Mennonite. Both Kaylene and Becky are also on staff at Eastern Mennonite Missions.

3. Deaf Church & Deaf Culture

Deaf spirituality singing, praying, doing Sunday School and preaching – how all these are different by Nancy Marshal and friends, of First Deaf/Witmer Heights Mennonite. Provided: Sign-Language Interpreter.

4. Mental Illness: Our Journey

Personal factors, helpful resources, and hope for tomorrow by Karen Fretz and Jill Herr of Stumptown. Loice Byler, of Mosaic International Fellowship

5. Grandparenting

How can we pass on a legacy of faith and Godly character to our grandchildren? What activities and traditions/memories can we establish to build relationships? Led by grandmother of 14 young ones, Brenda Bare of Stumptown Mennonite

6. Young Motherhood

5 top surprises, challenges, rewards, dreams Telling our own stories plus anxious to hear YOUR stories by Kara Kelly of Stumptown Mennonite and Brianne Lapp of Threshold Church

Earlier workshop – 2018

7. Pray – Just do it. Develop the “Art of Listening”

Discerning the Voice of God through listening prayer by Rosene Ressler, Weaverland Anabaptist Faith Community

8. Go Get Your Own Stories

Borrow someone else’s story until Jesus gives you your own by Renee Groff, of Lifeway Church of Lebanon PA. 


9. Church World Service

Welcoming Newcomers: New cultures, coping with past memories, current services and empowerment by Christine Baer of Landisville Mennonite

10. Cherish: Forging a Lifelong Love

Get ready to be inspired and equipped to shape your heart and mind to treasure your spouse above all other men in the world. What does it look like to Love and to Cherish in the midst of dishes, career deadlines and/or aging? by Idella Otto of Millport Mennonite

Looking Ahead: 5th Annual Gathering

Saturday, November 1, 2020