Women’s Regional Gathering
Saturday, November 4, 2017, 8:00 am – 12:15 pm 

Second Annual Women’s Regional Gathering

Church20 different workshops by 20 young Anabaptists leaders of 15-20 different regional churches. Dreaming… that all 20 leaders invite friends and neighbors from their own church community.

Time for Christian inspiration… opportunities for new friendships and helpful resources!

 Open to anyone. No pre-registration; however, a free-will offering will be received.

 Elevator service available

 Schedule for the Day  

8:00 am –  Devotional songs, welcome, announcements, offering, songs, and opening prayer
8:30 am  – Session 1 – Elective Workshops  – See list of workshops below
                 (12 for 60 minutes)
9:30 am – 7 Minute Break
9:40 am  – Session 2 – Elective Workshops – See list of workshops below
                 (12 for 60 minutes)
10:40 am – 7 Minute Break
10:50 am – Session 3 – Elective Workshops – See list of workshops below
                  (12 for 60 minutes)
11:50 am – Full group gathering for two songs, closing prayer, and final evaluation
12:15 pm -Adjournment

Child Care… Certified providers. If possible, pre-register. Call 717-656-7878 by Nov. 4.
     Cost: $5 per child. Yes, but we hope most get care with family or neighbors.

Fellowship Hall… No special refreshment time; however, 8 am -12 noon participants may enjoy a light snack, get coffee, or share 1-1 time with a friend.

As you leave…. Place final evaluation in baskets by our church exit doors.

Lunch with Friends at Nearby Places… See sheets with suggested sites.

Stumptown Mentor Team: Nancy Leaman, Cathy Mentzer, Yvonne Nyce, Joanne Siegrist, Kinley Zook, Jill Herr

Session 1: 8:30 – 9:30 am
Session 2: 9:40 – 10:40 am

These TEN will be repeated twice.

Women’s Ministry: Valued in Churches & Neighborhoods
     Kensey Melhorn of Mount Joy Mennonite. Donna Seigrist, Natalie Wagner,
and Rhoda
 Oberholtzer of Lititiz

Cross Cultural Blessings
     Rhoda Charles of Habecker Mennonite

Fraktur Art: My roots, my inspiration
     Lynn Sommer of Community Mennonite

Church World Service: Welcoming Newcomers
     Christine Baer of Landisville Mennonite

Underground Railroad: Healing after my family’s escapes
     Clemmie Boyden Richards of Peabody St, Washington DC Jan Lehman, interviewer

Thrift at Home: Food, Clothing, Household Care
     Margaret Weaver High of East Chestnut Mennonite

Jesus Walk by Nazareth, Sister Care, & Community
     Twila Hess Sauder of Neffsville Mennonite

Pornography: Hope for hurting wives
     Women’s Team of Millport Mennonite

Unpacking Power & Privilege: A Step to Racial Healing
     Maria Leaman Bowman of Rossmere Mennonite
     Jill Heine of Ridgeview Mennonite

Beauty in Brokenness: From Depression to Contentment
     Beth Roberts of New Danville Mennonite

Session 3: 10:50 – 11:50 am

These TEN electives will be given once.

Mennonite: Hispanic Life in Lancaster PA, 1950’s-2017
     Ramona Rivera Santiago of Laurel Street Mennonite

Remembering Incoming Immigrant
     Jen Weaver Groff – The Lancaster Stroopie Co

 Healing Prayer
     Heather Johns of Bylerland Mennonite

Maintaining Self While Parenting Young Adults
     Nina Kaufman Harnish of Forest Hills Mennonite

The Sacred Journey: Journaling for Healing
     Deborah Munstermann, ACTS Covenant

Leaning In: Our Father’s heartbeat in changing seasons
    Sharon Hess of East Petersburg Mennonite

Opening Hearts: Raising children without regrets
     Kathy Mast McClure, Conestoga Mennonite

Community Workshops: Great Blessings, 2001-2017
     Sylvia Trupe & young team of Martindale Mennonite

Christian Counter Culture & Raising Happy Children
     Marcia Mylin & Yvonne Garber of Byerland Mennonite

Mennonite Disaster Service: Sister Link/Wall Hangings
    Elaine Wenger Good, Lititz Mennonite