We believe we are called to lead people in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, following in His ways, and together build the Kingdom of God.

We seek to do this by strengthening one another as we follow Jesus and experience the love of Christ in our daily lives.  We will connect with our neighbors and friends and together invite all to become active in the family of God.

Stumptown Mennonite Church

Core Values & Beliefs

At Stumptown Mennonite Church WE BELIEVE IN…

  • the Bible as Truth
  • God as Creator
  • Jesus as Savior
  • Holy Spirit to empower
  • Service and Missions
  • Peace, Justice and Nonresistance
  • Discipleship and Faith in Christ


  • Our Anabaptist heritage and faith
  • Nurture and education
  • Stewardship [money,time and resources]
  • Gift discernment and leadership development
  • Worship through music
  • Hospitality
  • Growing as a family of believers